Scholarship Criteria Program

Each year after the preparation of the Chapter's budget and after the expiration of the BP submission deadline, there will be a review of for scholarships based on this program.

New membership Scholarship -- New members (defined as joining between January 1 and December 31) who renew the following year are eligible to win a scholarship to any one of the three Business of Law conferences.  Scholarship will be drawn at the March installation meeting at random.

Application scholarship --  All members are eligible to apply.  Applications must be returned to the Board by January 31st.  Applications will be reviewed at the February board meeting.  Scholarships will be based on the number of applications received.  Should the number of applications exceed the amount of funds available, the scholarship will be drawn at random.  

National Conference -- All Chapter members in attendance at the Managing Partners Luncheon are eligible to win a scholarship to Nationals.  Scholarship will be drawn at the conclusion of the Managing Partners meeting at random.

Nancy Haley - Only a Board member may win the Nancy Haley scholarship. The purpose of the Nancy Haley scholarship was the establishment for a Board member to attend the Regional conference. The Board member is still eligible to win a scholarship to National.

The above scholarships will be awarded based upon the amount of funds avvailable to the Chapter each fiscal year.  Members are ineligible if previously awarded and attended the scholarship conference the prior year.  

If you are unable to attend the scholarship you were selected for, please notify the Board immediately so the first alternate may be notified and have a chance to register for early registration or in the alternative, if you have registered, the Board can change your registration to the alternate’s name.

Applications must be submitted on or before January 31st of each year.