Mary Beth Wimmer (2013-2014)

    President's Message

    I guess by now most of you know that I fell up the stairs at a SHRM chapter meeting.  Of course, down the stairs would be too simple. The outcome of that fall back in February is still haunting me today as I sit typing with a leg brace that looks like ROBO cop or worse yet a transformer. My grandkids would love it. At any rate, I am sure that my lack of exercise and age group is defining my slow recovery.

    I am knock down excited about this chance to give back to the membership like the past presidents who helped me when I was new to the industry.   I was born on June 3 1953, grew up in Washington D.C., graduated from high school in 1971, went to college in 1971, went to college again in 1996 to study Health Care Management and did not have a clue that I would work in the legal industry. My new beginnings were benchmarks or turning points in my life. The start of each new chapter year is like all new beginnings--it prompts new resolutions, commitments, new initiatives and we look back to the past to see what might have prevented success and what we could do better. As much as I hate to admit it, I know that we will not accomplish all that we plan to do in 2013.

    Each new day is an opportunity to make a difference in our chapter through our communication, choices, attitude, and actions.  We will have over 300 opportunity days to connect with chapter members, meet new chapter members, listen more, talk less and pay it forward.

    CLI last year was in Utah and not only did I get to witness beautiful mountain scenery, I got excited about our chapter's future. If we can come close to paying the chapter back for the camaraderie and professional support given to me when I transitioned to the legal industry, it will be miraculous. I can only hope to make as positive an impact on the future growth and continued success of our organization as the CLI leaders had on me. I look forward to the support of the membership, the Board of Directors and the Past Presidents.  I have no doubt that our small group can maneuver through the changing legal environment and continue to align with ALA national objectives.  Thank you all for this opportunity to lead the chapter and pray that together we continue to grow the chapter, advance the profession, and thrive in the Jacksonville community.

    Respectfully, Mary Beth Wimmer, Chapter President 

    Mary Beth Wimmer
    Office Administrator
    Akerman Senterfitt
    50 North Laura Street, Suite 2500 Jacksonville, FL 32202
    Phone: 904.798.3700
    Fax: 904.798.3730