Jean L. Pimental (2014-2015)

    President's Message

    Welcome to the Jacksonville Chapter of Association of Legal Administrators. As a bit of history, Jacksonville is the largest city in the United States by area in the continguous United States. We are the only consolidated city government in the State of Florida. Consolidation took place in 1968. 

    While I sat down to prepare to write my second President’s Message (yes, I came back to do this again), I looked back at what I did before and thought of some things I would do differently and of the things that had changed within our Chapter since the last time. Each President starts out with a goal they wish to accomplish while in office. The first time I was in office, I wasn’t able to focus on a goal.    

    First and foremost, those who serve on the Board are dedicated to seeing the Chapter grow, blossom and are committed to its future.   The Board as a whole tries to do what is best for the Chapter while always keeping the Chapter members involved and willing to participate in our scheduled activities. Last year, we held a bowling event. It was a lot of fun for those who were able to attend. I had a blast. My score wasn’t great but it was a good time. We have something a little different in mind for this year and we think you will enjoy it too. We hope to see you all there. 

    Over the years, due to the economy and our Chapter size, we have revamped our Business Partner program. Each year we try to tweak the Business Partner Program a bit to make it better for the Business Partners and for the Chapter. This is a win-win situation for both parties. We have added lunch bunches and social hours where we invite our Business Partners. No sales pitches are performed and everyone socializes rather than talking about work. This is a way to get to know our Business Partners on a more personal level. Without our Business Partners, our Chapter would not be able to run the fantastic education programs that we have each month. 

    In the past year, MaryBeth Wimmer, our immediate Past President, started a Certified Legal Manager (CLM) group. It is becoming increasingly more beneficial for administrators to have certification. This certification indicates to an employer that you have the knowledge as well as the necessary skill set. We intend to continue with the CLM group this year. 

    The Board asks for input from its members as well. We would love to hear from you. If you want to hear someone speak on a specific topic or have a specific speaker in mind, please let us know. We will do our best to contact the speaker and see what arrangements can be made. 

    I hope to continue leading the Chapter in the direction our Past President started and will do my best. During my year as President, I would like to increase our visibility in the legal community. While we represent many law firms here in Jacksonville, our Chapter does not get much exposure. I hope that our Chapter will increase our membership even if it is by one member this year. The Board will take a look at how we might increase our membership or increase awareness of the Jacksonville Association of Legal Administrators. 

    With the help of the Board, we will go forward into the new year. We have two new Board members who come with fresh ideas and will add additional vision to our Board. Missy Winstead has agreed to help as our education/webinar chair. I can’t wait to work with everyone!