Jean L. Pimental (2009-2010)

President's Message

When I joined ALA in 2001, I never imagined I would be President of this Chapter.  It is probably one of the best things that could happen.  I am challenging myself to grow and step into roles I never would normally do otherwise.  It is my hope that our members take the time to do the same—even if it is just one thing that you would not normally do.  Volunteer to hold a lunch at your office, walk up to someone you don’t know and introduce yourself, go to the regional conference, make a goal to attend more luncheon meetings, chair a committee, become a board member—these all lead up to a lifetime of friendships, network experiences and educational opportunities.

Our Chapter is a great group of members from various backgrounds.  We all bring some special talent and ability to the Chapter.  Some of us are better with number than words (me), others the words just flow, yet someone else has that artistic knack or craft—without all these gifts our Chapter would not be the association it is today.  I encourage you to join me in working with the Board throughout the year to make the Chapter a better program.  The Board welcomes suggestions and new ideas from our members.  We hope to have a wonderful year.