Elizabeth A. Locke (2010-2011)

President's Message

Welcome to the 2010-2011 year for the Jacksonville Chapter of ALA.  As President, I am taking on a new Chapter in my life.  Am I ready? I am not sure.  All I can tell you is that without your help this Chapter is nothing.  We need your participation to make this Chapter Great!  It takes a TEAM of people to make any Company, Event or Organization great and without your input and participation we will not, we cannot, make this Organization beneficial for all of us.  And that is the whole reason for our organization isn’t it?  Therefore, I encourage each and every one of you to find your place to serve within ALA, be it Chairing or Co-Chairing the Holiday Party or assisting with the Managing Partners Luncheon, there is a place for you to be involved with our Local Chapter.  I too thought I didn’t have time.  However once I found out how rewarding both the education and networking opportunities were, I could not pass up the opportunities our ALA Chapter offered.  As the ALA President, I am counting on our members to assist me in my position as President and to help fulfill our goals for the new year.  I too face the challenges of doing more with less in our jobs, personal lives and within our Chapter.  This will make it a very interesting year for each of us.  I encourage each of you to join me in making this one of the Chapter’s very best years.  Together we can do it.

I believe the direction and course of the Chapter is a positive one.  We will be starting our new year with enthusiasm.  Our educational programs are heading in the right direction.  If you have a suggestion or educational program you would like to hear presented, please let us know.  Last year we opened our meetings up by allowing vendors to speak about educational topics after they inquired about how they could become more involved with the Chapter.  The vendors enjoyed getting more face time with the members and I believe the vendors had some very interesting topics to discuss.  Len Doty is our meeting organizer and will arrange for speakers this year and I believe he has a few tricks up his sleeve.

The Jacksonville Chapter has a great history of working well together.  We are encouraged to have two new members on the Board this year and we hope that other members will see the benefit of rising through the ranks.  The opportunity to learn from some of the more experienced ALA Members is limitless and I have enjoyed every minute of my tenure thus far.  Thankfully for me our past board members are there to lend a hand and have been very supportive of the board’s initiatives and goals.  I look forward to working with all of you this coming year.

Our Chapter has a wonderful Business Partner Program and they are very responsive to our needs and a few support us with in-kind services.  I want to encourage your participation and interaction with our Business Partners this year.  We will be having additional events where you will have an opportunity to experience time with a vendor such as the lunch bunch.  If you know of a Business Partner who is not signed up with ALA, please send their name, phone number or email address to Helen Westbrook.

The Business Partners are our lifeline to Chapter Scholarships, Events and Educational Opportunities, and without them these things would not be possible.  So once again I encourage you to get involved and get to know our ALA Business Partners as they can be a valuable resource to you and your firm.