Salary Survey

Jacksonville Chapter 2019 Compensation and Benefits Survey!

Our Chapter is pleased to provide a Jacksonville local salary survey hosted by ReadexResearch, conducted every other year.  The Chapter encourages all qualified firms to participate - the accuracy and effectiveness of the survey results will be directly affected by the volume of data we receive.  If you are interested in participating in our next survey, please reach out to our Salary Survey team at [email protected] to receive your login information to the survey site. 

If you have already participated in a survey, you may find all of your previous results here: using your unique username and password.

Costs breakdown:

  • Jacksonville ALA Members who participate – Free

  • ALA Members who participate - $25

  • Non-Members who participate – $50

  • Jacksonville ALA Members who don’t participate – $75

  • ALA Members who don't participate - $100

  • Non-Members who don’t participate – $150

Remember, this survey is one of the ONLY ways to find out information that is prohibited by Antitrust laws - such as, what compensation rate is this position earning in my area?  If you intend to participate in the next survey or wish purchase the last available survey, please fill out this registration form!

Keep an eye out for your participation email and thank you for helping to make this the best survey yet!  Thank you!

If you would like to purchase Salary Survey, please make a check payable to:  Jacksonville Chapter ALA

Please contact our Treasurer or Salary Survey Chair, if you have any additional questions.