President's Message

    Lisa Murphy

    It is with immense honor that I serve as President of the greatest Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators.  Our members are an amazing group of talented professionals that help guide each other through this legal world.  To always have an accomplished network of professionals on your side is truly what I define as a blessing. 

    ALA defines their membership as power.  Now, I’m not saying you will gain the power to move heavy objects or leap tall buildings in a single bound, but what you will gain is just as valuable.  Our Chapter provides remarkable sources for gaining knowledge, networking, resources and friendship.

    I look forward each time we meet to those familiar and new faces, because I know that we all walk away with something that helps define our mission for the Chapter.  As professional Administrators, our duties are so varied that the knowledge of many is needed to be able to soar in our daily goals and purpose.  This Chapter functions as a team, making this a possibility for all. 

    I would like to thank the Board members and especially, Jessica VanTroost, for their outstanding service and dedication to this Chapter.  Their efforts are exemplified by the recent President’s Award of Excellence received, which recognizes efforts and achievements by the Chapter Board in service to their members.  Congratulations on a job well done.  I will strive to continue to meet and advance those Chapter achievements.

    We have an exciting year of activities, including outstanding educational meetings, social events and community service projects.  We are striving to be bold in this world of social media to increase awareness of our many activities and invite you to join us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. I am looking forward to a great year and invite you to join in, get involved and have a great time!

    The handles are as follows:

    Lisa Murphy
    Taylor, Stewart, Houston & Duss, P.A.
    1050 Riverside Avenue
    Jacksonville, FL  32204
    Phone: 904.357.900 x237
    Fax: 904.357.8860
    Email: [email protected]