Erin Juzapavicus President's Message

    Erin Juzapavicus

    It is with great pride, and the utmost honor, that I serve as your 2016-2017 President during the Jacksonville Chapter of ALA’s 40th Anniversary.  This will be my fifth year on the Board and my experiences there have been instrumental, not only to my personal growth, but in my professional career as well. 

    Regardless of your level of involvement with either the local or international organization, I have found that the relationships I have formed with you, my fellow members, is the most beneficial advantage and fundamental purpose of ALA.  In our organization’s quest to be the undisputed leader in the business of law, our best resource is knowing a familiar face who has been through the same challenges as you.  We are, collectively, a fountain of shared knowledge and experiences that act as a united support system for each other.

    As technology, business structures and laws change, our lives continue to get more and more challenging.  We are asked on a daily basis to adapt quickly and anticipate obstacles with a smile.  Technology is always touted as making our lives easier, but in the business of law, there is always a price to such convenience, change.  Together, we offset daily struggles by relying on the education we gain from our Monthly Meetings, CLM Study Groups, Lunch Bunch conversations, Business Partners, email listserv, social media and social gatherings.

    Our organization has faced many hurdles over the past years, some of our own making, however it is how we learn and grow from our experiences that enrich our lives moving forward. 

    The Board has many wonderful events planned this year, including a Baseball Game at the Suns in the air conditioned Party Skybox in July, our 40th Anniversary Party in September and our first Managing Partner Appreciation Golf Event in November at the Jacksonville Golf & County Club.  I look forward to facing our future together.


    Erin A. Juzapavicus DeGruchy, J.D.
    Milam Howard Nicandri Dees & Gillam, P.A.
    14 East Bay Street
    Jacksonville, FL 32202
    Phone: 904.357.3660
    Fax: 904.357.3662